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GlovePIE Home Page

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I'm Carl Kenner. Welcome to my new GlovePIE homepage. I now have my own blog, and forum. And after 2 years with no updates, I've finally released GlovePIE 0.42! I'm so sorry that it took so long.

GlovePIE is a free Programmable Input Emulator, originally for the Essential Reality P5 Virtual Reality Glove, which now supports a huge range of input devices, especially the Nintendo Wii Remote (Wiimote).

GlovePIE is used to map gestures, button presses, and other actions to keyboard keys, mouse input, or joystick buttons and axes.

Version 0.42 includes lots of hardcoded Wiimote, Nunchuk, SIXAXIS, and Dual Shock 3 (PS3 controller) gestures. So now it's as easy as:
Ctrl = Wiimote.Stabbing
Space = Wiimote.CircleClockwise

And the Wii Fit Balance Board now works properly, as do wireless and third party Nunchuks and Classic Controllers, and Wii Guitar Hero World Tour instruments, including Wii Drum Kits. In theory there's also partial support for the Wii DJ Hero turntable.

And it can automatically connect to Wii Remotes when you use the Microsoft Bluetooth stack.

It also (theoretically) includes support for the Emotiv Epoc ($500 SDK version only, the consumer version only works with authorised software), the Neurosky Thinkgear, and the Wild Divine Lightstone.

One thing that's changed in the last few years, is the urgency to do something about Global Warming. There's already too much CO2 in the air, and it's already changed our climate in unpleasant ways. We can't afford to add any more CO2 to the atmosphere, which means we can't burn fossil fuels for electricity anymore.

This website is 100% Carbon Neutral, and so was my coding of GlovePIE for the last couple of years. But because GlovePIE requires electricity to run (and it wastes lots of CPU cycles and bluetooth searches), your usage of this product will contribute to the planet's destruction (which will happen much sooner than you think), unless you also use 100% green electricity. And that makes me morally responsible for some of that destruction. So I strongly urge you to switch to 100% green (or Nuclear) electricity. It's quite cheap and really takes a load off your mind. You'll feel good if you do.

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