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GlovePIE 0.42 fixes some really annoying bugs: Wiimotes disconnecting when you change tabs, Wii Motion Plus going haywire the second time you run your script, Nunchuk.SwingVertical gesture not working, Nunchuk.Shake gesture missing, and Fakemouse.DirectInputY not working.

It doesn’t fix the bug with the window not appearing on startup for some people until they disable visual themes, because it works fine for me with visual themes so I can’t replicate the bug.

It also doesn’t fix an OSC bug I discovered, so OSC should be considered broken in versions 0.40+.

It fixes the trojan false positive for people who use AVG, by making Emotiv support (with edk.dll) a separate version in a separate zip file that only Emotiv users should download.

It adds support for the Neurosky Thinkgear headset (untested) and for the Wild Divine Lightstone (see previous blog post).

GlovePIE now has a right-click menu in the editor, so you can choose clipboard commands, and you can also check your code. You can highlight a section of code and only check that section for errors.

And GlovePIE 0.42 includes a few scripts, including lednerg’s wonderful Wii Motion Plus mouse script (with a few changes I made since calibration was no longer necessary in GlovePIE 0.42).

GlovePIE 0.42 now shows when gyros are calibrating by lighting the middle 2 lights on the Wiimote or Sixaxis. When the middle 2 lights are lit, keep the controller completely still.


As you may have noticed, GlovePIE 0.40 and 0.41 didn’t come with any scripts included. That’s because most of the scripts out there were written for much earlier versions, and did things the more complicated and less effective way. Then other scripts copied that way, even though there were now much better ways.

I just wrote a script for Lego Indiana Jones. You can download the demo of Lego Indiana Jones here, if you don’t mind downloading 465 Megabytes. The demo is the first level, which is quite long, and when you finish the first level you get to replay it in Free Play (you can be all the different characters and thus reach new parts of the level).

Lego Indiana Jones is a bit buggy (the game, not my script) when you try to add a second player. You may have to enable it in the menu, and switch player 2 to keyboard 2.

My script is for 1 or 2 players using Wii Remotes and Nunchuks. The controls are based on Lego Star Wars for the Wii, since I haven’t played Lego Indiana Jones on the Wii:

Nunchuk or DPad move around in the game and the menu. They also control when you press against the wall.
+ Selects a menu item, or pauses the game and brings up the in-game menu.
– for player 1 is the Escape key, for player 2 it is the F2 key.
A jumps, or selects from some menus (mostly ones during gameplay)
B shoots if you are holding a gun, or can be used to punch if you are too lazy for gestures
C swaps with a nearby characters, gets in/out of vehicles, or talks to characters
Z builds lego, picks up, drops, throws, uses your special ability (whip, digging, repairing), cancels menus, or lets go
1 in Free Play transforms you into the next character
2 in Free Play transforms you into the previous character

Swing the Wii Remote vertically to use your whip, dig a hole, throw something, pick something up, or drop down from a ledge. Miming any of those actions should work.

Punch with either hand to punch. With the Wii Remote it is more like a stab, so keep your hands at the normal angle. To make it easier, you can also shake the Nunchuk in any direction to punch.

If you have the Microsoft Bluetooth Stack, when you are running the script, hold down 1+2 (for at least 30 seconds) on Wii Remotes to connect them automatically. It will stop searching once the number of wii remotes used by the script are connected.

// Lego Indiana Jones, Wiimote+Nunchuk, by Carl Kenner
WASD = nunchuk1.Joy + Wiimote1.DPad
Enter = Wiimote1.Plus
Esc = Wiimote1.Minus
U = Wiimote1.A
H = Wiimote1.B or Wiimote1.Stabbing or Nunchuk1.Stabbing
J = Nunchuk1.Z or Wiimote1.SwingVertical
K = nunchuk1.C
Space = Wiimote1.One
LCtrl = Wiimote1.Two

H = (|Nunchuk1.RelAcc| > 10) and (not Nunchuk1.Z)

ArrowKeys = nunchuk2.Joy + Wiimote2.DPad
NumpadEnter = Wiimote2.Plus
F2 = Wiimote2.Minus
Numpad5 = Wiimote2.A
Numpad1 = Wiimote2.B or Wiimote2.Stabbing or Nunchuk2.Stabbing
Numpad2 = nunchuk2.Z or Wiimote2.SwingVertical
Numpad3 = nunchuk2.C
NumPad0 = Wiimote2.One
RCtrl = Wiimote2.Two

Numpad1 = (|Nunchuk2.RelAcc| > 10) and (not Nunchuk2.Z)

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