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GlovePIE 0.45 Free is now available for download in the GlovePIE download section. It supports Kinect, using the official Microsoft drivers here:

  6 Responses to “Happy New Year, happy new GlovePIE version”

  1. great work

  2. You would not believe how happy I was when I randomly needed to download GlovePIE(because mine got lost…) and there was a new version!

  3. And happy New Year to you too!

  4. I knew I had to keep checking once in a while, happy new year Carl Kenner. Great work and I was really looking forward to this,

  5. Thanks Carl – you rock!

  6. Hello! Very nice work! Congratulations!!! I want to ask you if the new
    version supports the move controller. I found an older post where you say
    that it is recognized but i couldnt find anything else. Thank you!

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