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Ahoy mateys! Now that me site be lookin’ shipshape again, I have a post for ye. And, as you wish, I’ll be workin’ on a new GlovePIE version.

Today be September 19, which be International Talk Like a Pirate Day. But ye don’t need to be speakin’ Somali, and I’d ne’er be infringin’ any land-lubber’s copyright. For ’tis a day when we be rememberin’ a time long ago. A time when to be bravin’ the torrent and surf and be up loadin’ pirated wares into the net and tradin’ them from pier to pier at random ports, meant somethin’ completely different. A time when a pirate did hackin’ with a sword, and when a softwear patch covered their eye. Savvy?

Arrgh. I know what ye be thinkin’: “Avast me hearty! Pirates be a cruel and evil bunch of bilge-sucking scurvy dogs, who’d best remain in Davy Jones’ Locker.” And I do not be disputin’ that. But it be fun to talk like them once a year.

I’ve also been playin’ a game with controls like “shake” and “wiggle”, but not like ye be thinkin’. ‘Tis Fold It, a science game where ye solve real protein foldin’ problems for fun and science. Which do be why this post’s a bit late.

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