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The GlovePIE forum is malfunctioning and is banning everyone as spammers, including me. I apologise, and I assure you, I did not ban anyone. I will attempt to fix it.

In the meantime, don’t forget to visit my Xbox Project Natal Blog which has been updated with lots of new information coming out of E3, and will be updated more over the next few days.

  10 Responses to “Forum is malfunctioning… please ignore banning”

  1. So you are alive


  2. Hi – Ayepp! I just registered and tried to start a new post but *bzzzzzt!*

    Short/sweet: the preliminary documentation on wiki? There’s a space at the beginning of each line which makes it unreadable. Take away the space => lovely slab of wiki text!


    p.s. I have a Belkin “Nostromo SpeedPad” n50 and am really, really looking forward to programming it … easy as ‘Pie!

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  4. Hey Carl, how can we get in touch with you if the forum doen´t allow to post? :( I need to know how you hardcoded the RotMat vector and how can I change it. Im gonna look somewhere for your email.

  5. Dear Karl,
    I´m going nuts with the Rotmat function. It seems that rotating changes all pivots and I can´t find the way to control the rotation functions on your beautifull 3D Glovepie Engine.

    Please e.mail me as the forum aint working.

    Bests and thanks for GLOVEPIE!!

  6. Forum still broken, no posting possible.

    Actually since I was trying to talk to you I’ll just throw my post over here 😀

    [quote]GlovePIE 0.43 was released over six months ago, 0.30 was released MUCH before that.

    However, since VR920 was blocked in .43 I still have to go with the years-outdated version.

    So, Carl, just asking, any ETA for 0.44? I know the pains of even developing something simple, and this is way over my head…
    But even a somewhat broken 0.431 would be appreciated with the VR920 enabled ^^;;[/quote]

  7. It’s still bugs a lot. Haven’t been able to post there any thing. Just get a blank screen when trying to submit my post.
    I tried to ask to implement a new feature. If you don’t mind I will post this message here.
    So, here it goes:

    It would be great to have a support of OpenTL library. At least general functions of it.
    It offers almost endless tracking ability of almost everything and in every situation by using of single or multiple camera setups.
    But I think it’s will be great to have at least some generic special cases implemented. Something like head, gaze, hands, finger, e.t.c. tracking abilities.
    Official site of OpenTL project:

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  9. Hey there! Nice Proggy! Checking in on the status of LightStone support.
    Says the bug is fixed, but I don’t see a selectable device listed on CP.

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